A reader of the blog who is obviously more vigilant than I am (which apparently doesn't take much) has pointed out that the plaintiff in Fisher v. Texas is Abigail Fisher, not Sarah Fisher as identified by me in yesterday's post. 

I don't like making careless errors, and so appreciate the mistake being pointed out.  It did make me wonder where I got "Sarah" from.  A quick Google search revealed two possible candidates. One is a race car driver who used to race in the IndyCar series and has competed in the Indianapolis 500. The other is a young actress and singer who was a cast member in Degrassi: The Next Generation.  Not only have I never seen the show, but I was also unaware that there was a previous generation.  As far as I know, neither Sarah Fisher has been involved in any case before the Supreme Court.  I apologize to them and I apologize to you.